Welcome to Drywood ACDs
We are located in the northeastern corner of South Dakota, in a ridge of hills called the Coteau Hills. My husband Wayne and I have a small farm of about 400 acres. We raise our Australian Cattle Dogs, Limousin-Shorthorn cross cattle, LaMancha dairy goats, riding horses, and now and then we raise a few pigs for our freezer.

Drywood kennel started in the early 1980s with the American Cocker Spaniel. I started in the 0bedience ring, and then the conformation ring. In 1987 we added our first ACD to the family. Wayne wanted a dog to work the livestock, so after a lot of research, we decided to go with an ACD.

Jesse came to us as a 3-month old pup, from the Tuf E Nuf kennel. He was neutered since he was to be a farm dog. We put a CD on him. Then in 1991, my youngest daughter, Christina, wanted to do more Junior Showmanship at AKC shows. So we got our 2nd ACD, also from the Tuf E Nuf kennel. Sapphire became Ch. Drywood's Sapphire Blue, and the beginning of Drywood ACDs.

All of my dogs can be traced back to the Silver Hills kennel (The late John and Helen Blankers of Holland, Minnesota). Our first two cattle dogs are from these lines. I really liked the temperaments of these dogs, and how easy it was for them to work livestock. And last but not least... their great looks!

We now only raise Australian Cattle Dogs, as I had a shoulder injury that made it difficult to do the grooming required with the cocker spaniels.
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All of my dogs are health tested: DNA for late-onset PRA (PRCD-PRA) and eyes done yearly via CERF (for PRA & cataracts). Their hips & elbows are OFA'd at age 2, and all puppies are BAER-tested for hearing prior to placement in their new homes.

All of our puppies are raised in the house. Our three grandkids - Haillee, Dillon, and Kassidee, come stay with us often and help to socialize the pups. My puppies go for car rides and to town, where they get to meet lots of people.

If you decide that you want an ACD, PLEASE do your homework!

These dogs are not for everyone. They need to be kept busy. They are a hard-headed breed and don't always get along with each other, or with other breeds. They need a pack leader. YOU have to be willing to be ALPHA of the pack, or they can and will make your life miserable! There are way too many ACDs that are in RESCUE, so be sure you know what you're getting into before you get one.

ANY DOG that leaves here is always welcome to come back home if their new home doesn't work out. I DO NOT WANT ANY OF MY PUPPIES in any kind of shelter or rescue!!